The partner for professional (ICT) interim Services

With more than 35 years of international working experience, Marsha is a strong optimistic professional

with a clear focus. A Self-Starter, clear and open communicator on all levels, strategic & tactical.

My strength is to change, create and build a solid structure within the IT organisation f.e. Digital

Transformation & Integration.

Experienced in different line of industries f.e. Finance, Telecom, Real Estate, ERP, Education, Health &

Business Operations.

A People Manager with a clear direction & expectations.

Teambuilder Business/IT who maintains the energy, balance and focus.

Stakeholder Engagement and Alignment Business/IT are important factors.

Experienced on Management level as well as Operations & Line Management.

No fear for failure, always thinking in options.


What makes a program/project succesful?

Working with a professional team in a positive energetic working environment and deliver with the

highest level of quality for the customer(s).

Phone: +31(0) 655394092

KvK 34129061  

BTW NL1953.89.827.B01